Three of mychicks - but what do I do about the other four eggs? (PIC)

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Mar 3, 2008
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Four of my silkie eggs have hatched (picture to be downloaded soon, with the remaining four sitting there doing nothing. I candled them last night and saw movement in 3 of them. What should I do. Last night was day 22?

No peeping in the eggs and no pips.


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It's a hard call on it. Beacause if you wait you might lose them if you do it early you might dry the membrane out. I usually pip the end and look for movement or listen to see if they are ok. On day 22 if all the others have hatched out I go ahead myself. Good luck I hope your others are ok. Did you candle them yet?
I've posted a picture of three of my little fluffernutters. One of them has a bad case of splayed legs which are taped.

He looks like a mini hostage.......
Thanks everyone, but things aren't going great. My husband talked me into waiting until tonight to intervene. I candled the remaining four last night and not one of them was in the air cell. I'm assuming their lost right now, and one of my few chicks did not make it last night. Just not a good day.

Oh well, on to hatching number 2.
Thank you, but its not been a good day. We opened one egg that looked premature and I am assuming they're all dead.

I'm hoping my lonely 3 little ones stay healthy until the next hatching early next week. My fingers are crossed. I hope its not as disappointing as the first.


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