Three week old chick with curved toes and slipped hock tendon

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    A week ago I inherited a two week old black copper marans chick with what appeared to be crooked toes and spraddle leg. I made him little sandals to straighten out his toes and I put a band on his legs to try to straighten out his legs. I also supplemented his feed with extra B vitamins. It's been a week and my remedies don't seems to be working. At all. I'll keep using the tape-shoes, but upon closer examination, I'm pretty sure the spraddle leg is caused by a slipped tendon in his left leg. I tried to slip the tendon back into place, but it won't stay for more than a few moments at a time. As soon as Little Gimpy starts to move, the tendon slips back out of place and his leg pokes out to the side again at that horrible angle.

    Has anyone successfully rehabilitated a three week old chick with such problems? I also notice clicking sounds when he breathes (I assume because he's on his side so often that his lungs can't develop properly). The little fella has got pluck--he seems to want to live, but I wonder if I'm postponing the inevitable by continuing with my "therapy."

    Suggestions/insight would be welcome. Thanks!

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    I can't really add anything to what you are doing. But will try to bump this so hopefully someone else will have some ideas.

    I'm sure you have seen this link, but will provide it just in case:

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