Three weeks ago and a bit of change...


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Mar 23, 2009
California, central area
I set about 6 dzn eggs. It was over the course of 3 days and some didn't make it to the second candling, more didn't make it to the day 18 candling. I think we are done with the hatch. I have about 30 chicks in the brooder and 12 or so in the incubator for one last nite. I really don't expect the last 12 to hatch. All were shipped eggs. The best hatch was with a semi local breeder, about 450 miles away. I got 75% of shipped eggs of hers hatched. The rest are much less. I have 3 dozn to hatch in two weeks and another 3 dzn eggs the following week. Its been successful as far as I'm concerned!! I really hope the new sets do better, but I can't complain with what I've gotten.Just had to share that with someone!! My lemon blue cochin chicks are gorgeous!!
I'm one of those folks who thinks ANY surviving chick from a hatch is wonderful. And two or more - FANTASTIC!

I understand folks often pay quite a bit for shipped hatching eggs, and on occasion I have spent a bit more change than perhaps I should have spent. But I started with eggs and ended up with chick(s). That's such a bonus! Something small and ovoid and with potential transforming into a few (or several, if I'm lucky) actual little bitty chickens! Small fluffy living creatures! Some of which have already gone on to lay eggs for me. Whoa. Nothing to sneeze at. Actual miracles.

It's all good.
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Out of the 35 eggs set 3 weeks ago, 3 [and they were from the 12 shipped eggs that had the rough trip] went to lockdown. Tonight I have 3 new chicks
............................................. and technically thats a 100% hatch since only 3 developed.
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I've had worse hatches and better. I've learned to be content as I usually way over incubate and end up with a huge flock. But I love doing this and its worth it to me or I would buy hatched chicks. Its a miracle to see and my gkids enjoy the whole thing and are learning things most city kids will never learn. I'm about knowing where our food originates and what it takes to get it here. We all tend to be way too far away from our origins.

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