throw away or wait ? turkey eggs


10 Years
May 18, 2009
well i have turkey eggs this is day 8 some i see viens and a few i c nothing is it time to toss the ones not showing nething they were all put in together .pls help
I would wait and recandle on day 14. Since turkeys take 28 days for development, you often can't see the starting embryos the first week (like with chickens).
How about marking the ones you are wondering about? Then at day 14 you can let all us new to candling people know if they were good or not.
I am just now getting where I can toss bad eggs.
im sory i havent responded but the eggs in ? never devoloped
Some of them just don't. I usually move all the ones I question to a different part of the 'bator. And I mark them with a dot or something. Then I give them a week. It's like Christmas when one I marked ends up developing.
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