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11 Years
Jan 1, 2009
Hallo all,

I have 5 week old chickens, and a coup that is 90% done!!! We live in the Bay Area, and it is getting warm. { I think high 60's to 70's }!!!! When do you think I should put ' em in the coup?!?!?!??!?!?! Also, I was thinking, is it okay to just cut a big, long rectangular strip from the plywood on the back wall and cover it with wire as their only source of ventilation??? The extra woood cut out would be hinged to close when it is too windy or wet. The coup is 4x 8, it would go 8 feet across, and four feet wide. The height of the coup is 8 feet tall, to accomidate me of course!!! I am over six feet!! The run is about 70 feet long by 60 feet wide. I have 22 chickens. I am not worried about the space, because of the run size. They will only be in there to lay and or sleep and eat/ drink. Their roost is stretching across the back wall. Would the window create a Cross- Draft???


~ Fresh Eggs
60s and 70s is winter weather!

Sounds like a great plan you have. They do need ventilation, but closed a little for the winter to stay warm.

I'm thinking of doing the same thing on my door with a hinge so there can be cross ventilation... and so I can look in and see what's going on before I open the door.

Wish I had a large run like yours... my chickens would love me.
We are using a weed infested dog run. I will keep ' em in the brooder until the heat lamp runs out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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