Tibetan and 2 Goldens. What will this give me? PLEASE HELP!

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    Feb 5, 2012
    I was out and about one day talking about birds and this lady heard and said she had some coturnix she would give me free if I wanted them she couldnt feed them anymore so I said sure. Well she gave me 6 regular jumbos corturnix from one cage.. the other cage had a tibetan and 2 goldens in it.. I have always wanted a Tibetan but was curious of why they were together. I have been researching it on the web and what i have found out is I dont like any of the answers i get. So I am going to come here and ask.

    Why put a Tibetan and 2 goldens together????

    I hatched 4 of the eggs they kind look like a Tibetan but its not. They are pretty most definetly...I think I can tell which are females and males. Maybe[​IMG]When I took them out I knew they were different from all the others.. Well while my niece and I were feeding she said I got 2 eggs from here. I realized where from here was it was from that cage and then I looked at the eggs and they are half the size of a coturnix egg and have much darker blue tint to them then any i ever had in the past from a coturnix egg. Im excited they are bredding but not sure what to think.. I am marking them so I know when they are born to keep them apart so i can see what they look like grown.

    I treid to research if this how you get a tibetan but they are nt as strong coloring as there daddy is. so no its not...

    Please if anyone has any idea or therorys please let me know..

    I thought I knew alot about these birds but I am always learning
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