Tibetan or Tuxedo?


8 Years
Sep 7, 2011
Can you give me any pointers on how to tell the difference between these colors at a day old? My first chick of 15 hatched last night (a brown) and this morning 2 more hatched (a white and a tux/tibetan?) I will post pics soon
Tibetans will be all dark, usually with black legs as well. I'll pull some photo's from quaillady website so you can see.

this is a Tibetan day old

and a Tibetan tux day old

notice the more white color's

here is an adult dark range/Tibetan

and a tux

Thank you! I had already checked the stickies and quaillady's website but it really didn't help me, they still look very similar. The color of the legs should help. My baby doesn't have any dark color on it's legs so I am hoping it is a tux.
Thanks for the extra info.

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