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I think its time for a light on a timer and extention cord
Yeha I tihnk that is where I am going to put it. In the coopr up high and on a timer for a couple more hours at night.
Spoiled little things
My egg production went from 2 a day from 48 hens to 19 today!! I did add supplemental light, starts at 4AM and off at 8PM. On a timer of course
I'm an early bird but not that early!
I put a light in my coop in the morning hours...makes all the difference in the world.

I think that the pre dawn lighting method is preferred, because of something to do with the gradual decrease of light at sunset prepares the birds for dark so that they can get on their roost and prepare themselves...if the light just goes off they are kind of left in the dark. I used to light a little before dawn and a little after sunset, but I have much better egg production when I do the just before dawn lighting. If you put it on a timer, you won't have to worry about whether you are up or not.

Good luck!
Fred's Hens :

If you don't mind a "tip", add the light only in the pre-dawn hours. Add one 15 minute "click" on your timer, per day, until you build up to two hours, or whatever you prefer in total added, pre-dawn hours of supplemental light. The incremental increase is very effective.

Agree. It's worked for me.​
Adding light in the morning will get the hens up and moving. If you were to add light in the evening, when the lights turns off, it will be pitch dark and they will not be able to see to get on their roosts.

Use a automatic timer - sold just about everywhere and definitely worth the money.

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