Time for Resting Eggs?


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Apr 19, 2012
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My eggs arrived unscathed this morning at 10:00 a.m. (Eastern Time). How long should I let the eggs settle before putting them in the incubator? It's 7:00 p.m. now. Would 10:00 tonight be too early? First thing in the morning be better? The temperature in the room is a pretty constant 65-70 degrees F. That's where they will incubate.

My humidity is at 42% and temp is remaining steadily a couple of 10ths of a degree above/below 99.5. I'm wondering if the only thing that could be better is if I sat on them myself! Granted, I'd have to lose a little weight first...(sheesh, I wish!)

The auto turner is set and ready to go live as soon as the eggs are ready to go in. Just wondering when the best time will be. TIA ya'll.
I just replied to another thread on this same topic. Lots of people believe in letting shipped eggs rest for 24 hours. A successful breeder told me that letting them rest just results in old eggs. LOL! I don't know. I never let mine rest - and I've had great hatches, and I've had bad hatches. My worst hatch (0% hatch rate) was with some eggs I picked up locally. My best hatch (80%) was with eggs shipped from a couple states over. I didn't let any of those eggs rest.

You'll get differing opinions. Read them all and make the decision you feel most comfortable with. I don't see any harm in letting them rest since fertilized eggs are good for at least a week or two. I just don't do it myself.
Cool. They're going in NOW. Thank you.

I figure I'll just split the difference. I don't really know how old these eggs are, except that the seller has a good reputation and was great to work with. I know they're at least three days old though - shipping time.

Day One and now counting.
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