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    A friend of mine's Dad passed away Friday evening after a massive heart attack. He had no heart problems, no warning. It came as a shock to all of us who knew him. After speaking to my friend yesterday I started thinking of my Dad, who passed away 5 years ago. I remember speaking to him on his birthday 2 weeks before he died. He told me he was doing well. He was in hospital at the time and I've made arrangements to go visit him 2 weeks later. The evening before we planned the visit my Mom got a call from the hospital. He was dying. We were on our way to him when the next call came. It was too late. It was too late to say "I love you." "Thanks for everything". "I'm sorry" He was only 53 when he left us and I took it for granted that he'll live 'till he's 80. I took it for granted that there will be a tomorrow. I took for granted that I'll have many more opportunities to talk to him. How I wish now that I said the things I should've said to him, instead of putting it off. That I kept the phone call short on his birthday, thinking I'll see him soon. We can talk then. Not knowing that I'll never get a chance to speak to him again.

    I've lost a few friends and relatives over the past few years. And I've learned to say what needs saying today. To apologise, to say "I love you", to say "Thank you". 'Cause I may not get a second chance.
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    awwww Sumi.... I am calling my mom n dad right now.... [​IMG]
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    Very well said. [​IMG]

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