Tiny 4 1/2 week BCM

Dec 2, 2020
Good Afternoon!

I recently bought 80 acres and moved out of town. The elevation varies from 3,200-4,200 feet. Birds are at 3200. I’ve wanted Black Copper Marans for years.

I have 5 BCM in with 6 Swedish Flower chicks. One BCM is 1/4-1/3 the size of the others. Calling it Runt for simplicity.

I ordered them, by mail, from a small hatchery operation. Straight run. All hatched approx 11/2/20.

The runt had pasty butt one time during week one. I got it wetter than I should have to clean up. Runt dried off and recovered. Runt is very active, uses wings, will push its way into the crowd to eat crumble and doesn’t hang it’s head. Nobody is picking on Runt. Runt has feathered our some, but not like the others.

I last weighed them 11/24. Runt was 106 grams. The other birds were over 300g. I moved them outside at that point. The weather here has been floating between 20-40 degrees since they’ve moved outside.

The two biggest BCMs are now at least 400gs. Runt put on a bit of size, but is still below 150g. Runt feels more fragile when picked up.

Pics are so so. 1st pic is Runt and the largest BCM on 11/24.

The other pics are today 12/2n Runt is preparing to jump into the brooder from my hand. You can see Runt next to the 2nd biggest BCM. Some of the other chicks are pictured as well for size comparison/feathering.

Any ideas? Worms? Normal variation? Not a BCM - lots of white on the face?


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