Tiny Bantam chick added to 2 week olds

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6 Years
I've had chickens for years at a previous home. Now we are out in the country and I'm starting over. I bought 8 chicks (all, 3 days to 2 weeks old) on Friday, then added 7 more yesterday. One I was told is a Black Sumatra. "She" is tiny, with a couple wing feathers developing. I had crushed some medicated chick feed for the smaller chicks to eat. Of course they all preferred to devour the smaller bits. The tiny girl is not being picked on, but appears weaker and quiet, so I put her and another tiny bantam in a separate cage with heat, water and food. Was it wise to separate, or more stressful? The other bantam is chirping away for the rest of the flock. Just not sure how to monitor this tiny one. Any input is appreciated, thank you!

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