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Jun 2, 2020
Hello everybody! I am kind of new to chicken raising and have three lovely buff orpingtons. I have noticed that there have been small little bugs that crawl in the coop and then on me when I am cleaning out waste or harvesting the eggs. I have cleaned out the coup and put food-grade diatomaceous earth in the bedding and perimeter as well as the cracks of the coop where the joints are. I also dusted my girls with diatomaceous earth. I've noticed that the egg-laying is still happening but not as consistently as it should be for this time of year with the proper amount of sunlight. Even with those attempts I still have them and assume my girls do too. They aren't losing feathers and maybe groom a little more than usual. For instance I reached in to grab the three eggs today and I had probably 8 little things crawling on my arms. I've captured a picture but since they are literally the size of a speck and fast it is really hard to identify what they are. I'm hoping somebody can tell me what these are and what I can do to get rid of them. I prefer natural methods so I can still eat the eggs.Thank you.


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May 25, 2020
Western Washington
It looks like poultry lice or mites. You should take out all the bedding and scrub everything down really well, then sprinkle food-grade DE everywhere, but it looks like you have already done this. To make sure your birds don't get a severe amount of bugs on them, gently dust them with DE, especially around the vent and under the feathers, but don't dust the face. You may also want to scrub their legs gently and rub something like coconut oil or olive oil on their legs to prevent scaley leg mites. Also, make sure your birds have a good dust-bathing area, you could even put DE in it if you have a designated spot that they use. I hope this helps!

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