Tiny egg - but they're sooo young..?


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Nov 9, 2009
We had two very, very odd things happen and I wondered if anyone else had anything similar!

Hubby gave me 6 baby chicks (Wyndottes) and 6 baby ducklings (mallards) for my birthday. We've been keeping them together, away from the 7 full grown hens, and all 12 babies were doing fine, I thought.

Yesterday morning, when I went out to let the big girls out and move the babies from their inside pen to their outside pen for the day, two strange things:

1. an itty bitty egg in their contained pen in the coop. No way a big girl got in there. These chicks/ducks are only 5 weeks old.
2. a dead Wyndotte.

Any ideas about either? There shouldn't be any way a 5 week old (chick or duck!) could lay an egg - should there??

Would a mouse/rat kill a chicken in the barn? Would the other chickens kill her? Could she have just up and died? Did laying the egg kill her in childbirth (my daughter's suggestion)?

Very curious!
What a stange and sad thing to find. Sorry about your loss.
Not possible a five week old could have laid he egg- gosh- they wouldnt even be fully feathered yet. Do you have wild birds that get into the coop- maybe a pigeon or something else laid the egg.
A rat could kill a bird that size- Did you see any puncture or bite marks on the bird at all?
That would also be my guess, a small bird could have laid the egg.

As far as the chicken, I have had signs of rats attacking my birds before. Never killed one though...

But at so young, its very possible. If there is no sign or puntures or a struggle, my best guess is it was just it's time to go

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