Tips for an iron clad/easy clean coop & run

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    Jul 5, 2016
    New to chickens. I've been searching, reading and doing as much research as I can. Love go hear everyone's "been there done that" tips from experienced owners. My top concerns are safety and ease of cleaning, trying to keep things simple! We live in the Pac NW. Six chickens.

    This is my set up. 10x15 tuff shed coop. Concrete foundation and floors. Sand liter method. Poop boards under roosts with sweet pdz. Nesting boxes accessible to me from outside. Ventilation on roof and one sliding window covered in hardware cloth for air movement. All food locked in metal trash cans.

    Suggestions on the most economical yet durable automatic chicken door brand?

    Concerns about outside predators in a large outdoor run? Best tips? They aren't free range but it's a big area. Mostly raccoons and hawks are my concern. We have high prey drive dogs that are kept in an entirely different fenced area PLUS invisible fence.

    Outdoor run is approximately 80x30ft run under big old fir trees. Not a lot of sun. Adding gravel and sand next to the coop itself for drainage. 6ft fencing dug in. Chain link dog run with shade cloth added for a place to be covered.

    Friend suggested I run wire across the outdoor run and use rings to string up bird netting? Another person suggested to have "grids" of netting with a ball or bright object on top to show Hawks there was a cover, instead of covering the entire coop. Thoughts? Thanks.
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    Jul 5, 2016

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