Tips for babysitting a 2 year old and a 1 year old?

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    Oct 5, 2010
    My neighbor offered me a job babysitting her 1 year old boy while she gets her housework done, I will be playing/watching him for four hours a week. (Pay is $8.50 an hour) This will be my first babysitting job. I am also going to go with her on tuesday mornings to a bible study, where I'll be watching her son and a 2 year old girl. (I'll be getting $10 an hour) Does anyone have any tips for me? Thanks!
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    Oct 27, 2010
    Cement, OK
    First be aware of any allergies. Wash hands often & have some toys available. Child proof the area around & you should be fine. Outside time is usually the easiest way to entertain younger children, but as winter is approaching outside time is harder.
    Not sure how the bible study is set up, but most group studies there are multiple children & they play together while entertaining themselves. Playdoh & craft project of some kind can be offered, but I just place it on the table & allow the children to participate if they want. For a 2 yr old large crayons or chalk with paper a good starting point.
    ***if you do play doh there are lots of recipes online to make your own & just give each child a small golf ball size portion to start. Be sure to demonstrate what to do with it & it can provide hours of entertainment. If the 1 yr old is younger, they will probably just have started walking & not yet be ready for play doh or crayons. They will just run around playing with anything they can get their hands on while putting it in their mouth. If the 2 yr old is closer to 3 then they should enjoy coloring & play doh. Finger paints would be something that both should enjoy, make sure you use smocks- to keep the kids clean.
    Good luck & enjoy the opportunity!
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