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    May 24, 2019
    Hello everybody.
    Hi guys, I have a problem I want to consult with you.
    This is our first year with a broody hen, so I apologize in advance for any stupid questions!

    She started out with 9. They were all alive and moving as of Sunday (5 days ago). We had one die in the shell, so down to 8. We have 4 that have hatched and are doing great!

    I went out this morning and there was a pipped egg. Went out this afternoon and mama is off the eggs and showing the babies their food and water. The eggs were cold - doesn't help we've had lows in the 30's here.

    Will that pipped egg still hatch? I help it up to my ear and couldn't hear any chirping. She did willingly go back to her eggs and the babies went right underneath her.

    Also, is it common to have a low hatch number?? The other 3 eggs have no pip and it is day 23. I'm fearing the worst - especially since mama came off them.
    Thank's a lot!
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    hello @dulichviet ! welcome to BYC :frow
    She is prioritising the chicks now because they need to eat and drink. I would regard any more hatching as a bonus. Hatch rates are very variable, there are lots of factors at work. You have four chicks - celebrate! :celebrate:wee:jumpy
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    If she went back wait another day. She knows what she is doing.
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