Tips for hatching in Little Giant?

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    I'm looking at getting a Little Giant Still Air Incubator and have read mixed reviews where some people do great and others do better with a cardboard box.

    I have no problem turning the eggs myself, but does it make THAT much of a difference to have an auto turner? Have people tried it both ways and have significantly greater success with one versus the other??

    I understand that many people suggest reading the directions carefully, which we plan on doing, but are there any SUPER TOP SECRET tips that would be helpful in addition to the standard instructions? I've heard to ditch the thermometer it comes with and pick up something different. I also understand it doesn't come with a humidity gauge?

    Any suggestions would be welcome and helpful. I'm hoping to do my first hatch soon!! [​IMG]
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    So far, as I continue to learn the tricks for the LG myself, I would HIGHLY recommend the auto turner and either the fan kit, or install a computer fan yourself. Opening the incubator three+ times a day for hand turning keeps that temp up and down all day long, which is really BAD!
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    I'm still reading and gathering info too. ChooksChicks has a read available in her sig line. She answered a bunch of questions for me too !! I'm planning to make a homemade turner using thin wooden pieces fitted together like dividers for, say, glass ornaments in a box. ONe person built a motorized attachement to push and pull; I will push and pull by hand using a dowel attached to the frame.

    Another thing I consistently read is keep the incubator in a room with a consistent temp. OVerall, I am concerned about the 'bator not holding temp well enough (seems subject to fluctuating), so I am persuing making my own. ANd dry vs. water incubation maybe dependent on your local weather; again after much reading, the goal is to have a large enough air cell going into lockdown. Humidity impacts this and effects hatching rate during lockdown. Several good threads worth finding! GL
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    The LG thermometers have done nothng my bad for me. It caused me to lose 25 eggs

    becuase it wasn't reading the right temp. Digital thermometers seem to be most recommended.

    I recommend a fan more than a turner. The fan will help with temp. fluctuations, which the LG is

    known for. [​IMG] ^^^ I also agree with the above poster! ChooksChick has alot of info on her page!

    Happy Hatching!

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