Tips for moving adult ducks and ducklings to new location

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by lmpeebles, Apr 27, 2017.

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    Hi all! I have 3 adult ducks (2 female and a drake) and we've just had 6 ducklings hatch a couple of days ago. Black swedish and Blue swedish. I also have 2 chickens and this is all in an urban backyard. We have a business on some more rural land and there's already a coop on the property. I'm contemplating moving the ducks (all of them, babies and grownups) into that coop.

    I think it might be better for all involved. I love the ducks but they're dirtier and louder - I have a toddler and another on the way, so I foresee the backyard needing to be a little cleaner in the near future. Plus, taking them from a 400 sq ft run to a 20acre property seems like it might be a nice change for them. I definitely need to move at least some of them because I don't have space in the backyard for 9 ducks and 2 chickens (plus I don't think it would be good for the chooks with that kind of power moving the ducks would probably mean I could get a couple more chickens [​IMG])

    Anyway, any tips or things to consider? How do you think the adult ducks will do with the transition? With my current flock (both the chooks and the ducks) I had an easy time of it when they were young, moving them into a new coop, keeping them "cooped up" for a couple of days, then letting them out so they grew attached to their coop and returned in the evening so I could shut them up. Do you think grownup ducks will take to a new home in the same way?

  2. I have never tried it...But I assume after being in the new Coop and Run for a couple of weeks they would be fine...Is the Coop and run predator proof...?.....All you really can do is try it...:)

    Best wishes...:)

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    They should be fine- lots of people move house with their ducks, or relocate/ rehome them, and as you said, they would probably love the extra space.

    Good luck,

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