tips on just caring for eggs and chickens.


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I am a noob when it comes to chickens so if anybody would like to just puts some tips out there that would be great. also if you could put some tips on eggs cleaning that would be great
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Welcome! I don't wash the eggs I get.....they come out of the nest so clean that it's not necessary. Eggs have a bloom on them that seals the pores against bacteria and air infiltration. So from my standpoint, washing that bloom off is kinda counterproductive. Instead I let the really fresh, warm-from-the-chicken ones sit on the counter until they cool to room temperature, then mark the date they were laid on the rounded top in pencil, pop them in cartons and refrigerate them. I rotate them regularly so the oldest get used first, any that I think are getting a little too old get boiled and fed back to the girls, shells and all. Sometimes one of the girls will drag in some poop on her foot when she gets into the nest so I watch for that. Cleaning the nesting material out and replacing it when that happens is far easier than standing at the sink washing eggs that really don't need it. If I do get an occasional dirty egg, I moisten a paper towel and just clean that spot, then put that egg in the "hardboil" carton. I'm a little too picky maybe, but you only have to have gangrene once to appreciate the power of one little germy! A lot of people don't even refrigerate the eggs, they just use them right from a bowl or basket on the counter.

As far as other help, it would take way too long to rewrite all of the excellent advice that has been posted here through the years. If you go up to the banner at the top of the page, you'll see the "Learning Center". Click that and you'll find almost anything you need or want to know.


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DO NOT wash an egg then put it away and eat it a few hours later or a day later. Once you wash an egg you remove the protective barrier and ANY bacteria or virus can get into the egg and get you sick. Only wash the egg right before you eat it. Wash it, boil it or fry it then eat and enjoy.

I just use Dawn dish washing soap and clean the egg and rinse it and hard boil it and eat it and enjoy it.

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