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Jul 23, 2014
Hi, I am very concerned about one of my RIR's she's been very sluggish lately and hasn't done a lot of moving around with the other chickens. She has poopy butt and her poo is very watery. I don't know what to do I've tried giving the whole flock yogurt for the probiotics because I'm concerned if this is contagious or not. I've also added sugar to their water for electrolytes. Does any have an idea what wrong with her? Should I separate her? I have 6 grown up hens and 10, 8 week old chicks living together. I am very concerned about the chicks if this is contagious.:(
Sorry to hear you have a poorly hen :hugs
Have you wormed your adult birds? A few other things to check for are mites, when did she last lay? Could there be an egg stuck? Is she eating and drinking as normal? Does her crop feel normal? Is there blood in her poop?
Here is the section for disease that you may like to have a read through. https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/chicken-injuries-diseases-how-to-diagnose-treat-your-chickens
I would certainly have a read through the cocci article to see if she is showing symptoms of this.

Good luck with your hen I hope she is well soon.
I have not wormed them but I also have been checking there poop and I haven't seen anything. She hasn't laid for a 1 or two weeks I guess. I did have a chicken break an egg a few weeks ago and it was hanging out of its bum. Could that be it? She doesn't have blood in her poop it is just very runny. ya she is eating and drinking normal I guess. She sits most her day not moving but I have seen her eat and drink a few times. What should her crop feel like?

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