Tired of shavings in the waterer & food lost in the shavings?


8 Years
Jun 8, 2013
Somerset, Kentucky
Ive been shoving some leftover ceramic tiles around in the garage and had this idea.

The bottom has a raised grid and sandpaper like surface texture. Perfect for little feet traction.

Just flip them over in the brooder right on top of the shavings and place your waterer or feeder on top. Food gets tossed off on the tile and the chicks can see it and eat it. Also keeps them from digging right next to the feeder or waterer.

Love the idea! :woot
I was actually debating on tossing the tiles in a hole for fill. Being free i thought it was a great idea. Lol.
Scrape or wash the poo off and reuse.

If someone doesn't have any they are almost always some at home centers discontinued for cheap. Ive seen some at normal price for $1 or less each. Yard sales. Etc.

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