To all those who have Muscovy ducks as pets

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I want to say first of all that I am not trying to advertise another message board and get members to leave these wonderful groups and join a new one. I have spend several hours on several message boards the past few days addressing the new law that will make owning pet Muscovy ducks ILLEGAL. Writing the same thing on all the boards took several hours. A lot of people are outraged, everybody is saying that somebody should do something about it, so I decided why not me? With Sky's help, this message board is here for discussion about the new law and what I want is your stories and photos in ONE place, so that I can keep it all together, print it out and mail it to them. The more people, photos, videos, STORIES that pull on the heart strings, the better. We have until December 30th to change their minds about putting this law into effect.

It's extremely difficult for me to be on 10 different message boards and be discussing the same thing 10 different times when I am running a rescue, training at the zoo, doing my art glass and everything else. I haven't slept more than 3 hours for over a week. This is the best way I can think of to keep this in one place so that we can show them we love our pet ducks and want to be able to KEEP them.

I posted this on my Facebook wall and I'm posting it here:
To all those of us who have pet Muscovy ducks, there is a new law they are trying to pass to make pet Muscovies ILLEGAL. They are saying that Muscovy ducks are OK to be used for eggs, MEAT, and show, but pet ducks will be illegal. THAT means that Wildlife and Fisheries can come to my door, with a court order and a police officer, force their way into my home and arrest me if I try to refuse to let them in, tear down my door if they have to, take all my Muscovy ducks, Mezoti, Mesa, Worf, Napoleon, Angelo, Hope, Faith, Lefty, Sid, Coco-Bean, Fernando, Stanley, Tails, Elvis, and the babies that I am rehabbing that were orphaned, and KILL them. Simply because some rich big shot law maker that never had a pet duck in his life, never took a duck to a nursing home or to a class full of autistic kids and seen their faces light up with SMILES, say that they are INVASIVE and so they need to be eliminated. We have until December 30th to change this guys MIND. So he WANTS to hear from all us duck lovers and tell him how wonderful they are as pets. How much JOY they bring you. I started a new message board with Sky. I need as many of you as possible to write, in a CIVIL manner why and how much joy Muscovy ducks are as pets. Touching stories, that will pull on their heart strings and photos and videos. I am starting a petition, I know a lot of people, I have a lot of Muscovy pet ducks and each has a very touching story of how they were rescued. I will collect letters, stories, photos, either by mail or online, print them out, and send them to this man. I need your help. If enough of us make enough noise, it is possible that this law will NOT pass. And our babies will be safe. I will tell you right now, after all the energy, effort, money for emergency surgeries and vet care for my muscovies I spent, I'll be darn if I let some jerk take them away from me and kill them. They need to worry about criminals and oil spills instead of passing new laws that will put all our pet Muscovy ducks in DANGER of being KILLED and you can't do anything about it. I have spent THOUSANDS in the past couple of years on Mezoti and his emergencies and hospital stays, Napoleon needed throat surgery, Hope, Faith, they are crippled, Fernando, Worf and the others that are just so loving. I keep them indoors, SAFE, protected, and someone can legally rip them out of my arms and kill them? Please join and share your stories and photos, the more people we get, the better our chances are of being able to keep our ducks. Post this link on your walls, get the word out. We need to keep our Muscovy ducks SAFE.

I will personally print out all stories, photos, etc. and mail them to Dr. George T. Allen. Please be civil, we will get more flies with honey than we will with vinegar.

Here is the link:
Don't panic, how they are going to enforce this new and stupid "law"?

How can they prove in court a duck is a "pet" versus "farm" bird? Will a duck tell them, or what would a witnesses say?

I can picture a trial, owner of a duck accused of being pet, witnesses: a dog (pet) a cat (pet) and few chickens ( some pets and some barnyard birds).

Judge says to a rooster, please stand...........

That would be hillarious !!!!

It is just scare tactics and trying to intimidate general public about how "powerful" government is and that we should hail and obey those idiots.

People are homeless and hungry in this country thanks to crocked banks and crocked government and those morons declared war on Muscovie ducks.

I went and read that discussion and I think that the latest was that they changed it to where you had to have pet Muscovies "marked" in the same way pet Mallards were "marked" and you had to have a permit to "dispose" of them.
Note: it is currently illegal to own "pet" muscovy ducks. The enforcement was delayed, not withdrawn. I have spoken with Dr Allen. The USFWS is not going to budge on the "pet" Muscovies. Since March 1 they have took phone calls, emails and letters. they have researched this extensively. There is an issue of someone releasing Muscovy ducks into the wild. The farms who raise meat Muscovies have not released any. The exhibition breeders have not released them. The USFWS have determined it is folks who purchased PET ducks and decided they did not want them and released them in ponds, lakes and waterways. Dr Allen said this ends now. No more pet Muscovy ducks.

Good luck, but it is a lost cause. Pet Muscovies are illegal and will remain so.

keeping info all together.
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