To all who have bought eggs or silkies from Cj's Silkies

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    Mar 11, 2008
    Central PA
    I have updated my site and hope its enjoyable. But need your help now.
    I still have a few more customer pics to upload but would like pic for that section.
    Many of you will have chicks that have grown up that you hatched from my eggs and I would
    like to see them and put them up on site. Need flock name or byc id to resave pic with the id to them. As eventually the pics will have who they belong too.

    Those that have shown my silkies and have won places with them if you have not already sent pics please do
    so I can add you to the Winners Circle. Send what show and the name of the silkie, and your flock name. If you
    check out the winner's circle you will see what I have done.

    Let me know your feedback on the new site. Oh I am looking for different music for each page but right now its all the same but you can turn it off if you choose by putting mouse over pic and clicking on the sound.

    Thanks cj

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