To all you Pennsylvanians.....

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    NE PA
    I know there are quite a few of us on here and I think most will appreciate this. My Italian great grandmother and Pa Dutch great grandfather lived in a polish neighborhood and cooked more german than italian. This mainly refers to Schulykill county and surrounding area but Im sure it will sound familar to lots. Theres a very large ethnic community in NE/Central Pa.

    Top 20 Signs You're From the PA Coal Region
    20. Your grandmother, of any nationality, wears a babushka.
    19. You think only God has the proper resume to take over after Joe Paterno leaves Penn State.
    18. To the rest of the world, Hooters is a restaurant chain. To you it's a band from Philadelphia.
    17. You're still not over the break up of Journey.
    16. Plaid gives you Catholic school flash backs.
    15. You can easily spell and pronounce last names like Wojciechowski and Ricigliano.
    14. You've eaten coal candy.
    13. You don't think a stripping hole is an adult club.
    12. While the rest of the country is celebrating Fat Tuesday, you're celebrating donut day.
    11. You think A-Treat soda is a national brand.
    10. You consider a marriage between a person from St. John's and St.Pat's Catholic Churches a mixed marriage.
    9. You still have halupkies on New Years day.
    8. You want to scream every time a newscaster tries to pronounce Schuylkill.
    7. You're shocked to find out no one in your office knows what Yuengling beer is.
    6. People wonder why you'd bet dollars to donuts on anything.
    5. No matter where you live, you still think it's warmer than Frackville.
    4. You're the only person on your street that "straightens the house" before guests come over.
    3. You can dodge potholes at 55 m. p. h.
    2. You get misty-eyed when you see Mrs. T's pierogies in the frozen food aisle.

    And the number one sign you're from the coal region:
    1. You can polka with the best of them!

    more Signs You're From the Coal Region
    18. Driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow.
    17. You think the start of Buck Season is a national holiday. (most schools do have the day off!)
    16. You think sexy lingerie is tube socks and a flannel nightie.
    15. You only own three spices: salt, pepper and ketchup.
    14. Your snowblower gets stuck on your roof.
    13. 5 below zero is "a little chilly".
    12. Words like: buggy, hoagie, chipped ham and pop actually mean something to you.
    11. The four seasons are: Almost Winter, Winter, Still Winter, Construction.
    10. The local paper covers national and international headlines n 1/4 page, but needs 6 pages to cover sports.
    9. You design your Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit.
    8. Snow Days are the most fond memories of your childhood.
    7. You have more miles on your snowblower than on your car.
    6. You have 10 favorite recipes for preparing venison.
    5. You owe more money on your snowmobile than on your car.
    4. You can use the phrase "Firehall Wedding" and not even bat an eye.
    3. You know which leaves make good toilet paper.
    2. The trunk of your car sometimes doubles as a freezer.
    1. You don't understand how anyone could watch a football game without deer sausage.
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    What no mention of MUMMERS??
  3. How funny, loved it! It brought back alot of memories living in pgh as a kid. My grandfather was a coalminer and some of those things I had forgotten about and made me smile.
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    I think i am a part time pennsylvaian. I am surronded by old steel mills, italian and polish neighbors. I also used my garage to store the frozen pizzas that were to big for the freezer in the garage. Drivin here is really better in the winter too. And ahhbee(Brenda) can agree with me on the potholes on Mahoning and in Youngstown south. We only live a stonethrow away from Pa.

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