To anyone thinking of a coop, this is the best suggestion to save $$$$

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    Feb 19, 2009
    Ok Ok Ok I built a 20X21 ft coop - with lots of bribery, threats, promises and begging to my Son, Son- Law, Husband and a neighbor kid....and I DID MOST of the work with 3 crying grandkids to boot!

    News Flash.... it was not worth the pain. [​IMG] BUT

    I am expanding to a new coop, as I am growing with more chickens!

    (Imagine hatching more chickens than I need & a coop too small!)

    I am getting bids from local contractors to do the "posts/framing only" and I will finish the rest as time and money allow!

    This way I can afford a HUGE COOP of 24X70 feet and add the wire and doors my self. Most of the bids I got are from contractors that have lots of left over wood/supplies from tearing down other buildings/barns.

    Further, I explained to the local contractors that I will be donating eggs/chickens to the local food pantry and habitat for humanity as well and to offer the lowest rate possible. I am hoping for a GREAT bid. So if getting your finished coop is too expensive try bartering eggs/chickens with someone to set up the framing only! [​IMG]

    By the way... My sons/soninlaw/husband ALL love to go to the coop and watch chicken TV! [​IMG]

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    Wow - 24 X 70 - That is going to be some coop.

    Congrats!!! Let us know how much your winning bid was for.

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