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    I found a volume of books from 1910....and bought them for three dollors...yes the whole set...for three dollars....about a week ago at an estate sell...low and behold the are called Books of Knowledge...and surprise, surprise...the first book I opened up...had a whole chapter on Birds of Service...THE CHICKEN!!!!!!With all these wonderful prints of the different types of Chickens and eggs and all the good things chickens provide to folks....I know I have never expected to enjoy these animals like I have....they are just a joy....They are just about 2 m/2 w's old....and they killed a snake yesterday...a small one ....I wouldn't kill it myself....but they are like the yard guards....So when my first egg comes....have mercy ...I am going to be so very happy:)

    Unfortunately, my volume 10 is missing, and that is the one that has the most articles on chickens. [​IMG] It would be interesting to see what your volume says, have you figured out how to post it yet? I have been unable to find anything in my index that shows there may even be an article on birds of service.​

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