to eat or to candle my hens first egg!?


5 Years
Aug 19, 2014
Waller, Texas
My favorite RI Red hen has laid her first egg! I am overwhelmed with excitement and wonder. I know she has had about a month prior exposure to my rooster and they have actually been quite a cute little couple. Today she was extra nosey and I just knew she needed a place to nest, so I walked to back to the coop and let her into the nesting area. An hour later she left me the cutest little egg! Now I would love to hatch it and I know it could be about a week before I can candle it, but can I leave it in the nest at 85-90° temps and then candle and if it is not fertile can I eat it after?
I wouldn't leave it out in the heat for a week and then eat it, no. If it was in a cool place in your house on the counter, maybe, but in a nest, getting more bacteria on it every day with chickens getting on and off of it? Um, no. And small pullet eggs are not the best to hatch. You'll probably need to wait until they are larger for proper chick development. Just eat it now and enjoy! Congrats!

Do you have a rooster? Just thought I'd ask.
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If you leave it in the nest without it being incubated, there will be nothing to candle anyway. For development to begin, it has to be under ideal circumstances - either a hen setting on the eggs, or eggs in an incubator at approximately 99 - 100*.

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