To hang or not to hang....

I noticed I have less feed waste when my feeders hang. Also, the chickens get added floor space since there is no feeder taking up space.
On the ground the chickens WILL kick whatever you have on the ground and get into the feeders and waters . They will do that im sure .
keep it just about head high . Thats the ticket !
Just for the fact that the chickens would make the feeder filthy if it is left on the ground is the main reason to hang it. I hang mine just about their shoulder height. If you hang it too low they will just waste a lot more feed.
I have all of mine elevated, acomplishes the same thing. It does eat up floor space, but how many hang out under the hanging ones. The only problem I have found is that in summer, it gives bugs a place to hide. Move the feeder, chickens clean up bugs.
So how do you actually hang it? How it is kept from not falling over when they go near it? Can someone post a photo of theirs hanging so I can get a better idea of this. Thankyou!
I elevated my feeder:

Back height as to minimize food waste.
I have one hanging and one on blocks sitting chest high. Both have the spoke wheel seperator. Have never had any food waste with either. Both work for me. Waterers are on blocks as well.

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