To incubate or not to incubate that is the question...

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    Apr 1, 2009
    Ok so I have been following posts for over two years now and still do not own an incubator and I have tried to hatch w/ a broody hen twice w/ no success (hen kept killing chicks). All this incubator talk sounds fun and I might even be able to convince my husband to get me one for Christmas but here is my issue. I am not good with animal death (unless I know they are food) so if a bunch of these chicks are going to die in the process incubation may not be the right thing for me. I had a co-worker who tried incubation and said it was just too rough to see all the deformed chicks now I have no clue how she was doing it. Is incubation complicated ie what are the chances I am going to mess it up? What is a good incubator to start with in the under 200 price range. Any other advice/pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Cortney
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    Thats like going to a sports bar an asking if you should watch football. If you dont try to help them hatch deformed chicks usually dont ever hatch so its almost a non issue.

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