To litter or not to litter? That is the question.

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    Aug 5, 2008
    I have two sets of chickens. Some in a small tractor that free range during the day. And then a bunch more in a regular dirt floor coop and run. My question is this.... Do you put down anything on the coop and run floor. And if yes? Which one or both? I have had no problems with the chickens on the plain old dirt. But know that most people suggest some kind of covering. I honestly believe that it is just something else to bring in lice, mites, rats, mice, snakes, etc..... into the coop. We live in Georgia and do not have a problem with the ground staying wet or damp. What is the true benefit of putting something down?
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    My soil drains well. I use dirt in the run. If moisture starts to be a problem, I would add a few inches of sand to open the soil and improve its permeability.


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