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Apr 7, 2007
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Hi, it's been a year since I mailed fertille eggs to someone,,,I can't remember what I said to post office....I'm sending them Priority mail ...Do I tell the Post office that these are eggs or not??? I'm afraid they will tell me they can't ship them Priority if I do....? Please advise. I just wanted to make sure they don't get x-rayed...What to do? Thanks, Julie


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Hmmm, I have heard that the xrays wont hurt them anyhow (todays machines are not irradiated like the old technology that was used, and dont kill the embryos anyhow) and you cant stop them no matter what you write on the box (a sure fire way to make them suspiciuos is write "do not x-ray" on the box!!) I have been shipping eggs for a couple of months, successfully, by just writing Fragile on the box, and I dont tell them at the post office whats inside.....I get boxes marked hatching eggs in the mail, the last 4 out of 5 boxes looked like someone played hockey with them....I personally think someone was P.O.ed at the I just put fragile on mine and hope for the best. People have been getting decent hatches from my double bubble wrapped, put in cartons and shredded paper, placed in a box eggs??
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Sep 11, 2008
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The quail eggs I received were simply wrapped (individually) with a piece of newspaper, and small wads of newspaper for the "packing" .. If I were doing it- I would use funny papers for the eggs.. it was interesting unwrapping each little ball! BUT! Only one was broken.. and there was nothing at ALL written on the outside of the box besides DO NOT RETURN.

(They are due to hatch on Sunday)


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Sep 14, 2008
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I have received eggs shipped twice, and both had hatching eggs written on the outside of the box, top and all 4 sides. They were also both shipped priority mail. One person wrapped each individual egg with bubble wrap (20 button eggs...UGH) plus put bubble wrap in the box, as well as wadded newspaper. The others were shipped in quail egg cartons, and packed in a box full of shredded paper. Out of that batch, I had one broke, but it looked like it was probably cracked before it was shipped. The others came in perfect shape. The buttons had do not x-ray written on the side, but as far as whether or not they did, idk, cause they are quail, and almost impossible to see into. We'll see in a few weeks how well the P.O. did on the shipping.


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I never put anything about eggs on the box or about xraying. I think that's a red flag for abuse. I have numerous styles of very visible FRAGILE stickers that go on every side, as all my customers can attest. So far, never had an egg broken, at least that anyone has told me about. I put padding on the bottom, sides, corners and top of the box plus double-bubblewrap each egg and place them aircell end up. I always ship Priority, but this past week, a customer requested Express Mail. That took 3 days! Needless to say, I got us a refund on that.
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