To move a NON favourite hen or not?


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Sep 9, 2010
NW Arkansas - Huntsville
I have a couple of chicken runs...

one is small - with a NewHampshire
Red Roo and two hens....

It is obvious that the roo favours
only one of the hens...

the one that he favours seems to only
lay MALE eggs - since every single
NH Red egg I've incubated has
resulted in a NHR Roo ;(

I am making a separate area
to house some hens and another
young NR Roo...and am considering
moving the NON favoured hen
in with these other birds...

Other than the fact that they will
fight amongst each other to
establish their pecking order,
would it be a mistake to move
this NH Red hen?

The three birds in the small run
do just fine... and, I'd really like
to see if I can hatch some more
NH Red birds that are NOT roos

input greatly appreciate...thanks
I would double check your genetics. In the feeble recesses of my mind, I'm thinking that chickens are not like people in their sexing genetics. I'm not sure, but I think it's the hen that determines the male/female ratio. If your trio are constantly throwing all males, you definitely need to shake things up a bit. Some research here might tell you which way to go. Good luck.

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