To Rest or Not to Rest, Also How Should I Cook It?

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by americanchicks, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. americanchicks

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    Jun 26, 2012
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    Hi All!
    Right now I am raising a batch of CX. They are now just over 5 weeks and doing well, say one. I noticed a week ago she was limping. Went from a limp to her dragging her body around making her belly all red and sore. I then moved her in a brooder tote with some of my RSL. There she is doing great, eating, drinking, still cant walk right. Well the RSL are now old enough to go outside and I need the tote for ducklings. So even though she's only weighing in at 3lbs12oz think I am going to process her. I have a gathering on Saturday I would love for everyone to sample home grown chicken. My question is should I do it the day before or is it better to let the meat rest a few days?

    Also how do you all suggest I prepare the bird? I m going to have burgers, as well as smoking a roast for pulled pork. Any ideas?
  2. N Sully

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    Everything I have read says to rest them 24-48 hours. Sounds like a fun get together :)
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  3. RUNuts

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    Smoked bird is wonderful.
    If you process quickly, no need to rest. But quickly. I would let rest 2 days in frig.

    If you process 2 days before, you can brine the bird while resting it. Family is enjoying the brined & rotisserie birds.

    Brined & smoked are that much more special when raised yourself.
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  4. Mosey2003

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    I would let it rest. At that age, you can cook it any way you like.
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  5. mixedbreeds

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    Defiantly let it rest for 48 hrs in the fridge. I butcher mine put in ice water for a couple hours then pat dry and rest in fridge for 48 hrs and eat or freeze always wonderful.
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  6. jpace

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    That's exactly how we do ours. Cooler with ice and water to quickly drop temp, then to the fridge.
  7. jopheso

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    Feb 13, 2015
    agreed with the above. I always rest anything I process. The bigger the animal (i.e. pig) the longer it will rest in the fridge or on ice.

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