To show or not to show - Bantam Rocks - Showing tips appreciated!

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    Aug 15, 2010
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    I have a nice quad of Bantam barred rocks- I have been told that one hen is show quality - not going to light the show world on fire but would do fairly well. I have a background in breeding and showing dogs and rabbits. BUT know nothing of the chicken show world. I have an interest but dont know what i am looking for!

    Is the barred bantam a good choice for a beginner to start with?

    Is it more important to have good hens or a rooster( knowing with dogs the male is the more important factor as long as the female has good blood lines)

    Show preparation?

    And do all of you knowledgable and experienced people keep your show chickens in cages or do they free range? Knowing like say with an Irish Setter - if you want to show you cannot just let it loose and run thru brush and field - will be no coat left!

    Any helpful hints would be appreciated - sorry for so many questions - and thanks in advance for your help and guidance!
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    My birds (remember....only have BIG birds) are kept in a run. Cone winter, they will be housed in the barn with separate runs for the males and females. The reason? Too many predators and the sun can bleach out black, white and blue birds. Dirt will turn, to some degree, White feathers yellow. With Barred Plymouth Rock bantams, I'd keep them housed in a run, off of the dirt as the white barring could be stained. I would wash a week before showing and separate the male from the females. I'd only separate because I would put them into largefowl show coops with shavings underneath. This will keep them from getting stained and get them semi-accustomed to being in a smaller area for the actual show.

    When I do eventually get my Langshan bantams, I intend to keep them indoors with the largefowl but inside of largefowl show coops with shavings. This way they will have less problems breaking their foot feathers and wont be snatched up by predators as "easy pickings". Sorry if there are any weird typos in this...using my phone until my new laptop power cord comes in.
  3. Inkheart

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    Aug 15, 2010
    Columbus Ohio
    Thank you!

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