To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by CTChickenMom, Jan 8, 2009.

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    [​IMG] I've heard people say they've never vaccinated their chicks and there are others who recommend it. I just don't know. I'll get them all vaccinated before they leave the hatchery for the 2 vacs they offer but is it necessary to do all of the vaccinations that are available?
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    My Grandmother never vaccinated her chickens when they were chicks and they are 7 years old at the moment annd still strong and healthy. I have only 1 chicken that was not vaccinated and she is still a helthy 2 years old right now. But my others I got them vaccinated. I dnt advise nt vaccinating them they may live long natural lives but they may be still at risk from diseases.

    I may nt have vaccinated 1 chicken but I still dnt advise you leaving them unvaccinated. Enjoy your chickies [​IMG]
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    Dec 3, 2008
    I, personally, do not have a belief in vaccinations of any kind, but everyone is different. There is a hatchery, can't remember which one now, that advises to NOT vaccinate if shipment of chickies is under 25 - I don't know the reasoning behind that. Mine are not vaccinated and will never be vaccinated; they are very healthy. Perhaps it all comes down to whether one believes in the power of pharmaceuticals or the power of nature. I'll vote nature.
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    Mar 25, 2008
    That really depends on what you intend to use your chickens for. If they are going to be used for show purposes (which in this case I wouldn't recommend hatchery birds) then I would have them vaccinated because of all the other birds they will be around. If you are going to use them only for your backyard flock, there really isn't a need for any more vaccinations than what the hatchery will do. I'm assuming that they will be vaccinated for Marek's and IB at the hatchery. Is that right? If so, those are two beneficial vaccinations, but I wouldn't do anymore than that.
  5. TXmom

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    Great topic...I was just wondering the same thing.

    My chicks are due to be shipped on the 21st and I didn't "check" the vaccination boxes. Now, after reading about Marek I think I should call and tell them to at least give that vaccination. I will only have a small backyard flock, but I read that Marek can be spread by the wind from ANYWHERE...they don't have to be exposed to other chickens to get sick.

    I don't know what to do...
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    The vaccinations are only necessary if you have a large flock. Even Ideal recommends that you don't get them done if you have just a small flock.
  7. TXmom

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    I guess the only reason I would consider it is because there are other chickens and ducks on our street. So if some things can be spread by wind, that would make me nervous.
  8. Granolamom

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    Sep 9, 2008
    Quote:Ditto, Marylouiseau! I don't believe in vaccination, either, because the health risks far outweigh the benefit. Nature is infinitely wiser, than the Parmaceutical Industry could ever be. Nobody in my house is vaccinated, except that my cats have Rabies shots, to be "legal" (they don't have "religious exemptions" for cats, I don't think...[​IMG])
  9. If you are ordering chicks and the hatchery is willing to vaccinate for you, by all means do it. It costs darn near nothing for each chicka and the benefits are greater than you would think.

    If you ever had a bird with Marek's disease and watched it kill off the rest of your flock, the horrid condition these birds die in and the heart break and money loss, you will wish you would have had them vaccinated.

    There are a few other repiratory diseases that you can and should vaccinate for. Even if your birds recover from the diseases they will be "carriers" and in times of stress they can shed the virus once again and infect new birds brought into the flock.

    I say vaccinate. protect your flock. There is nothing like watching and doctoring a bunch of sick birds. It is not thier fault and it could be yours if you do not vaccinate.

    Believe me when I say, You will spend alot of bucks trying to save your flock or what may be worse, you will have to cull ALL your flock and start over again.
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    I have a question? Can you mix a non vaccinated group with a vaccinated group. I heard something about carriers. Also can you vaccinate grown hens? Jean

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