Today was a Ducky Day...


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
The Beautiful Pacific NW ,WA
A few days ago i decided that i needed more duck eggs since the incubators were all empty after the cochin chicks hatched this morning. I posted an ad on Craigslist but got no replies so today I called a friend, the lady that bought all my Non-Muscovy ducks last year, I figured she might have eggs so it wouldn't hurt to try.

well it turned out that she had no eggs but did have LOTS of Babies!! "Well that's the whole reason i wanted the eggs!" I told her. lol. We made a deal, I swapped her 4 of my Muscovy ducklings for 12 of the babies she has now and i can come pick up the rest when they hatch(she has about 3 more hens on nests!).

They're all super cute and there's even 1 little crested one
I think they're mostly Blue Swedish/Runner & BS/Pekin mixes, there's also 2 that might be Rouen/Pekin mixes. I will get pics up as soon as i get my camera hub back.

I forgot to add...

I also stopped at a fellow Muscovy keepers place today to see if she had any babies for sale. no babies right now but she has some GORGEOUS drakes and I am going to swap her my chocolate for a young Solid Chocolate drake, he's just beautiful and very deep bodied.
I'm so exciteddd...
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