tom or jen???

Male poultry do not have external reproductive organs like humans. Externally the vents will look the same in general. You normally have to wait for secondary sex characteristics to show up to sex them.

If you have a "meat type" of bird, they eat a lot and put on weight fast because they are bred for food. Meat turkeys are artificially inseminated because they are so big they cannot naturally mate. They also have leg problems and often heart problems. They are meant for food.
If it is indeed, a "broad breasted bronze" They just dont live long....they grow too fast, and will have leg/heart/liver troubles. Like a Cornish Cross chicken. Now, thats IF it is a broad breasted. You MIGHT have just a bronze. Can you go back to the feed store where you got it, and ask them to look on thier shipping label? You dont HAVE to eat can try to restrict its diet...give it plenty room to roam..and keep it on the thin side. I have a Cornish Cross hen...she will be one year old next month. Her name is Bertha! LOL
My friend has had a BBWhite for several years now. She feeds her only once a day. The turkey is big, but has never had foot problems. She's also very friendly.

You will be able to tell gender when they are a few months older. Males will lose the fuzz on their heads much quicker and they will develop very reddish/bluish caruncles.

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