Tom turkeys fighting. Normal or will they kill each other?

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    Hello. I have 6 turkeys. 4 hens and 2 Tom's. They are hatch mates. I was doing chores this morning and heard thumping in the coop. When I opened the door the Tom's we're fighting. I mean grabbing each other's carnucles and pulling down and standing real tall to each other trying to stab each other with their beak. What is going on with them? Is it like with chickens pecking order or mating thing or cabin fever? They have been so docile since they were a week old. I give them apples and squashes to peck on in case they get bored also. Thanks for any advice.

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    Males do fight. Not all of them, but most do even if they were raised together. Especially if they are cramped in. One of them wants to be the top male bird. You need to remove one of them to another space. It might help to get this other male a harem of hens.

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