Tomorrow is Day 18!

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    Ok, so my husband has left for Texas and is leaving me with the Day 18-21 anxiety all by myself. I told him it wasn't fair. I candled tonight, and I will be moving 20 eggs to the hatcher tomorrow night. I thought there was 23, but looked at the days wrong, silly John but some of next weeks hatch in the same row as the ones for tomorrow. There was only one egg that wasn't fertile, never did anything. I only candle on day 17/18 otherwise I would go nuts wanting to candle all the time.

    Today I am getting the hatcher set up and getting it regulated, and also moving my week olds in with my two and three week olds in the bigger brooder, and cleaning both of those brooders out.

    A friend of mine stopped by last night after I got home from work and said I had serious issues being as I put my remodel on hold in my master bath so I could set my brooders up in there. I told him to just wait until this winter when I turn the whole bathroom into a big brooder [​IMG] .

    (and on a last note, the last thing he said is that I move them tomorrow in the pm, and I don't know what time I should move them, any time after 4-5 should be fine right?)
  2. Hi! Sounds like anytime tomorrow afternoon / evening would work for moving the eggs to the hatcher.
    Issues, smissues... if it makes you happy, it's good [​IMG]

    Good luck!

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