Tomorrow is my last day of work for the summer!!!


9 Years
Mar 7, 2010
I am so done! I am a chemist, I'm working as a temporary lab tachnician at a large agrochemical company. I'm way overqualified and I work with the world's laziest idiot. I'm so done! The chemists I work with are wonderful, and I overall like my job, but I am so done doing what this lazya$$ tells me to do. (He is not my supervisor and I get so irritated when people tell me what to do instead of asking nicely! Especially when I know I already have enough work to do, and they're just telling me to do their work so they can sit at their desk and screw around on the internet!) Yay!!! Since I am a temp, and am underpaid, I told them I don't get paid enough to justify putting 4 kids in daycare over the summer. I told them if they direct hire me, I'll come back sooner, if not, see you in Aug! They like me, so they're keeping my position open.
Just had to share, I'm so excited! This was my first job in 6 years, and I've been here since December. I was at home with my kids for a long time. I miss them. Working full-time is a heck of a lot less tiring than being home with them all day, but I miss them.
Well, my job is more physically tired since I'm on my feet all day and have to do a lot of lifting, but I am less tired that when I was home full-time!
My kids are still in school next week. I planned on taking next week to catch up things around the house, but I might just lay around, be lazy, and get coffee or lunch with my friends every single day!
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I'm thinking about going back to school for a teaching degree so I can do it forever! I'm terrified of teaching high school students, though... I homeschooled my oldest son for a few years and it actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, so maybe I should just go for it!

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