Too agressive/attacks us.....Culling one of my rooster???

Willow's Meadow

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Apr 16, 2010
I have 10 hens and two rooster is a Brahma and the other one is a Buff Orpington and they are all 8 months old. We have never had any problems with the roosters up until recently. The Brahma rooster is very, very friendly....he will let you hold him and pet him and he is really nice to the hens. The Buff Orpington Rooster will charge you and attack you.....he will jump up on you and hit you in the legs with his spurs. He attacks my little sister and now she is very scared of him. He is not nice to the hen and is very aggressive with them. He is very, very pretty and does get along with the other rooster though. But I think 2 roosters is to many for 10 hens because the hens are loosing all their feathers and are getting scabs on their back from mating so much. So we're thinking about culling the Buff Orpington rooster. I had ordered 1 rooster from Cackle Hatchery but they accidently gave me 2. So do you think we should cull him??? I just feel really bad about culling him because he is so pretty but I think the hens would be happy with just one rooster and my little sister wouldn't be scared of going in the coop.


Senora Pollo Loco
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Sep 4, 2009
If you don't need him for the flock, get rid of him. BUT do realize that he is at an aggressive age. He is in his 'teen years' so to speak and is very hormonal. He would probably settle down in time and with proper dominance training, but if you don't need him and have a nice roo, you should just cull him.
good luck.

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Jan 17, 2011
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a water gun? I've sprayed at a few roosters with the garden hose, but they just sand there looking at me as if to say "Don't you know we're waterproof?


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Feb 5, 2009
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One of them definitely should be removed from the hens, however you do it; that's not fair to the hens. I hope the Brahma roo is not rough on his hens when he mates. Some would probably pen the BO separately, then periodically put BO hens with him for a month or so, in order to get BO chicks. If you don't need him for mating, though....

I recently culled one of my two roos for because two was too many and this one was rough in mating as well. A few weeks later I lost the other roo. I really wish I'd just penned him; I even have an old coop I could have used, big enough for 10 or 12 chickens. Their behavior does, I think, improve when there is only one roo, at least toward their hens.


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Sep 1, 2010
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Two words...cull him.

If he is that mean get rid of him. I have raised hundreds of birds and if I had a mean rooster like that he was culled.
I did not want that aggresiveness in my stock. I did not have time for that attitude. I feel that any rooster no matter the breed should not go after people. Period. No matter how pretty or beautiful he is.
There are always people looking to rehome friendly roosters so should something happen to your Brahma rooster, Im sure you would be able to find one that you and your hens will like.

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Your little sister has a right to be scared - an aggressive rooster could scar her for life, as well as anyone else. You can find roosters everywhere and some will be pretty and good plus everyone has roosters they are giving away - some breeds even show stock - just too many roos all over. In my eyes he could never be pretty enough to outweigh his temper. Offer him free if you don't care to put him down yourself.

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