Too clip wings or not, when, age, how etc.


12 Years
Nov 14, 2007
Eaton, Ohio
Can anyone tell me about clipping their wings?
We have some baby chicks, not sure their age, they are growing like weeds!
They are starting to get more and more "feathers and lose their fluff. Some will jump on my arms when I put it in the brooder and use it for a "taking" off point.

They apparently think its pretty fun to be up there.
I had thought about trying to clip their wings so they don't try to, or succeed rather, in flying out of the brooder if given the chance.
Any and all suggestions appreciated.
Thank you,
They need to fly a bit and hop around and learn to roost. It is natural for them. I never clip flight wings. You never know when they may need to fly away from danger or a predator. It is just not something I do and especially not to small chicks.
I really don't think it is a good idea to clip their wings that young. It would probably be best to wait till all their feathers grow out so you don't end up cutting blood feathers.

When you do, you will only cut the flight feathers. you can cut them to just longer than the next row of feathers. I would cut both wings but a lot of people just cut one side.
I would never clip wings, even on adult birds. They cant actually fly that far, pretty much just up into a tree if they had to. Dont worry, they wont be flying south for the winter.

I put a screen over the top of my brooder so they cant go anywhere.

Take a screen out of one of your windows and put it over the box, you live in Ohio, im sure youre not opening your windows to enjoy this lovely weather were having.
Thank you all for the information, being new I wasn't sure if we should, or if people did, or the like.
We'll just let them alone.
They are really funny about it.
We have only had them about 1 week and they are already getting used to us.
There are 2 very friendly barred rocks in there that are ALWAYS the first ones to try and get in my hand or on my arm. I let them get up there and sometimes they decide to just "roost" there.
Really neat.
Thank you all again for the info!
Appreciate it1

p.s. oh, haha, we love this weather here don't we? ..........

It makes having outdoor critters just sOOOOOOO much better doesn't it?
I don't do clipped wings either...not a good idea on chicks at all........I would think they wouldn't have the right feathers that would need clipped anyway til they are fully grown....

I keep a screen over my brooder sometimes too for jumpers...
oh of course. After the 3 feet of snow I got, trying to make it the 120ft to my barn was just wonderful!!! and then i had to dig the stupid door open.

im ready for summer
I plan on clipping one wing on all of my chickens. Not sure when it will happen. Probably not until 12-16 weeks.
I was not planning on clipping wings. My bantam actually got away from a hawk, because she was able to "fly" under cover in a tree. I would be so terrified I would screw it up..can you tell I'm a newbie?

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