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Apr 23, 2014
We had a little cold snap yesterday and it's only supposed to be in the 60s today. Right now it's almost 50. I have 16 chicks who are 5 weeks old and mostly feathered out. Is it safe to let them out in the run in 50 degrees? I still keep a lamp on at night and turn it off during the day. I'm probably just being a baby about it. We've lost 5 chicks so far, 4 in the first 2 weeks. I'm just nervous because I don't want them to get too cold.
Hi there! I have two chicks who are also five weeks old and it has also been in the 50s here. I don't let them out all day but they do fine for a few hours. So for your's I would say wait to have them outside for the whole day until it gets in the 60s and 70s. But they can be outside for a few hours now.

Hope this helps
I have 4 chicks that are 2 1/2 weeks old, they are outside in a pen right now, it's 60 degrees and windy as heck.
They have a little cuddle box they can get in if they get cold, but they don't spend much time in there.
I took the heat plate away 3 days ago and they sleep in the cuddle box in the brooder in a 62 degree room.
I've been putting them outside everyday for at least 3 hours starting at about noon to 2 pm, they're having a ball scratching around.
The cooler you keep them after the first few days, the faster they'll feather out.

Just give them some shelter from the wind and they'll be fine

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