Too late in the year for a broody hen?


5 Years
Jun 22, 2014
Southwest Virginia
I have a black Silkie rooster that just matured and has mated with my RSL hen. I cracked her last 2 eggs and they were fertile! I want to hatch chicks before it gets too cold. I would incubate them but I haven't gotten enough money together for a new incubator. Should I see if she'll go broody? I can bring the chicks inside. All winter if I have to. She's at least 6 months old. She seems like she'll be a good mommy or at least a go broody very easily. I know RSL's don't usually go broody but she really seems like she would. Try and see maybe? Is it too late for her to go broody? Should I just stick with the incubator when I get it? I know some of people who hatch chicks during winter.
It is late in the season. You could just wait and see. It's unlikely that she will go broody, but not impossible. I would just let nature take it's course and see what happens. :)
As far as I know, short of messing around with the hours of light in your coop you can't make a hen go broody. I've had hens go broody in December because I ran lights and I won't do it to them again... Didn't seem very nice. It was so cold popping off the eggs once was enough to chill the eggs to death. Any how wait to get an incubator ( my opinion ). Maybe she'll go broody at some point next year. I have an EE x RSL who is a good broody.
I'm afraid that she'll start and not finish like she does with laying an egg lol. I think it'll probably get too cold and then she'll get too cold and then the eggs will get too cold. Thanks for the opinions!
You know, you're right about the eggs getting too cold. She'll have to get off the nest to poo and eat and drink, and by the time she got back.....cold eggs!

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