too many coops AKA our integrating issue

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by hootiehoo15, Jun 23, 2016.

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    Oct 8, 2015
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    OK so heres our situation guys. We have multiple coops (4) and really want to at least integrate two of them. (The others are for 3 older hens who are just awnry/we feel are too old to inetgrate and for our 2 special needs hens). The coops we want to integrate are a flock of 5 one year old hens and our original flock of a roo and 3 hens all two years old. All coops are side by side so they can see each other and when one coop is free ranging they can "visit" the other thru the wire (we take turns free ranging each coop during the day) any suggestions on how to make this as smooth as possible? We read on here somewhere that a Lady free ranged all of hers together and used a squirt gun to stop any squabbles and her chickens integrated just fine, not so much with ours -_- (of course it was the older 3 aka the three witches and our original flock)

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    I am going through something similar where I'm trying to integrate two 2 year old chickens with 1 one year old chicken and I haven't started yet but I've read that you could start by letting them "visit" through a fence (which sounds like you've already done) and then adding them to the same coop a few times a day but put up some sort of a half wall so the chickens can hide if they need to. I've heard this take about a week and then the chickens should get along. I'll be starting this tomorrow
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    I would just start by letting the two groups free range at the same time for a while and watch the dynamics. The rooster may want more girls and the girls may like the rooster. At some point you start putting them all in one coop at night and close the other off.

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