Too many roos?

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    Four months ago we hatched baby chicks and kept 5 that we knew were girls. Okay, we were wrong. My dd picked out a roo, ds picked a roo and my other ds picked a hen. We already have a roo for the 13 adult hens. My 5 "kids" free range together and roost together and only go with the adults when it's treat time. The new roos, Mullet and Zoro, keep squaring off with each other but not attacking. They are very handsome and harmless at this point. If I need to get "rid" of a roo it will break one of my kid's hearts. If they start beating on my Barry (adult roo) than they both go. However, what are the odds that they will just establish dominance and not hurt each other? I would like to keep them. I have a huge covered run that is now sheeted with plastic for winter that the babies roost in by choice. Some adults hang with them too. Everyone is happy go lucky at this point. I hope it stays that way. Anyone have 3 roos to 16 hens? (I also suspect another baby to be a roo but I'm in denial right now) Thank You!
    (I know the picture came out horrible but the coloring on these guys is amazing. Le fleche dad and no telling which of my hens is the mom. They are purple splash, bright orange and black. There is also some green splash thrown in the mix)
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