Too many roosters -- desperate to get rid of two


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I ended up with 3 roosters (all brothers) who are now 10 months old it is becoming a problem. At first I thought it would work out with three guys guarding the girls but that has changed. First of all two of them continually gang up on the third and have him completely intimidated. But what is worse is that they continually mount the hens (each taking a turn) and the girls no longer have any feathers on their back. I have posted FREE ROOSTER ads in the local feed stores, neighborhood networks etc. for months now, but with all that is going on I have not gotten takers. (Posting in the feed stores worked in the past) Killing is not an option for me. They are free-range so separating them is challenging. The easily scale our 4' fences to get to the girls. What else can I do to protect the girls before they are seriously injured? Maybe someone who reads this in the SW Florida area (I am in Punta Gorda) needs or wants them or knows of someone who wants them.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. They are a mix breed of LI and RI reds.


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Over mounting will stress the pullets out to the point that they will stop laying.

Catch the boys while they sleep and put them in an enclosed pen or you will just end up with pet chickens and no eggs.

You can try posting them up on your state thread here:

Just go to the last page and post a reply. You can also try FB or Craigslist and stuff.


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If you can't give them away, and you're not willing to process them (or find someone else to do it for you), I guess the only other option is to build a "bachelor" coop and run for the extra roosters. How picky are you about where the extra roosters end up? An acquaintance of mine told me he gives his extra cockerels away at our local Mennonite farmer's market. They are very forthright about what will become of the cockerels, of course. My acquaintance just doesn't want to do the deed himself.

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