Took my first dozen-egg order!!!

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    Tomorrow my first dozen eggs will be sold. Not that they're my first eggs (the girls are at just under 500 eggs since Autumn) but it will be my very first sale.
    I gave dozens of eggs away at Christmas, but have never sold a single one.
    I am so excited.
    Of course, I am just as happy giving them away, but hubs (who has been financially supporting the flock for the past 7 months) would like to see some ROI at some point.
    I suggested $3 a dozen, but he argued $4 makes more sense. As he is the salesman, I let him broker the egg deals. He got his price, and a couple of regular customers!!!
    I guess he is pretty close to right, since they sell old brown eggs at the store for $3.69 a dozen. An additional $0.31 a dozen to have them fresh isn't unreasonable (I suppose...)
    This is why I am the farmer and he is the sales executive.
    I'll keep making them, and let him keep selling them!
    When I was stalking those 20 week old chooks I never thought the day would come I would sell a single egg! Back then, I would have charged $20 an egg!!!
    Does anybody else get this excited about selling 12 eggs???

    Bright Blessings
  2. 1stimechick

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    Jan 8, 2011
    One of my ladies laid her first egg today, so I can appreciate your happiness. Congrats to you and best of luck with the sales.
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    Jun 20, 2010
    South Carolina
    Congrats! [​IMG] Isn't it exciting? My DH has sold some to his co-workers, but our local dairy/creamery also sells a few for us. I took 6 dozen up there a couple of weeks ago, and they called yesterday wanting more! So yes, I understand your happiness [​IMG] Only thing, is, DH had sold all we had so it'll be next week before I can take a decent stock up there. You'll have people on a wait list for yours soon!
  4. pontoosuc

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    Jun 9, 2010
    Richmond, MA
    YES, completely share your enthusiasm.

    My first sale was last week to co-workers. Brought in 4 dozen and collected $3.50 per dozen!!
    (that was the established going rate for home raised eggs since one of our Veterinarians was
    selling hers last summer) I really think that $4.00 is more appropriate.

    As you, I've gifted many eggs to people but in fact I kept that first dollar and it
    will be posted inside the coop! LOL

    As far as ROI goes, I'm sooooo far in the chicken hole that I'll never come close
    to making a dent. (only have 16 chickens).

    It's just so much fun!!! [​IMG]

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