Took the 1st step in new coop project!

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    Apr 12, 2011
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    I had the guy from my work come out yesterday afternoon and find my water line. I want a hose bib in my run and so I want to run that before we start construction. So he came out and marked where it is and lo and behold, it runs almost right to where the run will be and then turns towards the house. It will be a snap to do this. I might just hire the guys from work so it is done fast and right. Once that is in I can go get the cement blocks for the foundation and start getting that laid in. I am so glad this water line isn't going to be a major ordeal. I think I might just have them run one into my goat pen as well while I have it all dug up. I also had two stumps ground out yesterday as well, so now it is all clear over there and ready to get building. Hooray!
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